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Myriad Stars Limited Hong kong

Mr. Mahmoud Mohawish www.myriadstarsltd .com On May 23, 2019, the Korean company HEA MYOUNG SPA CO.,LTD, under the contract for the import of Russian squid, transferred the amount of USD 50,000, which is 30% of the contract value, to Myriad Stars Limited Hong Kong. To date (July 20, 2022), the goods have not been delivered and the advance payment has not been returned, so be careful when making a deal with this company.The director of Myriad Stars Limited Hong Kong is Mahmoud, who is lying about being a Swedish citizen, so be careful!
Myriad Stars Limited also has an account in the US. Phone+852- 822-88240 .Fax +852- 822-88241

Негативный отзыв о Myriad Stars Limited Hong kong (Suites 2705, 27/F Shui On Centre, 6-8 Harbour Road, Wan chai, Hong Kong )

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